Our Sunday with 'Don't Tell the Bride'

Well, we thought nothing short of a miracle would get every single member of our hard working team in on a Sunday morning, but it looks like the promise of (brief!!) TV stardom is all it takes! : )  Yesterday morning we all arrived at the boutique eager to greet brave bride-to-be Rebecca and the Don't Tell the Bride crew.  They all arrived and we enjoyed meeting Helen and Paul the lovely camera/sound people as well as the bride's family and friends, including her aunt, brother, cousin and chief bridesmaid.

The bride herself is Rebecca, a stunning girl with beautiful red hair and a clear sense of style. This beautiful petite girl is a female wrestler, and something of a trailblazer in the industry too by the sounds of it! She was right up our street as we love a strong woman here at CBC!!  Her fiancĂ© Mike is a professional wrestler too, and from what we heard he sounds like a great guy. We found it very touching that Rebecca had every faith that he would get everything right for the big day, even the dress!  Clearly these two are meant to be.

Rebecca tried on a few dresses with us and needless to say it was not long until she found the dream dress.  We can't let you in on which one it was though as we wouldn't want to inadvertently provide the groom with any insider information!  Suffice it to say that she looked amazing and was a little sad to say goodbye to her perfect gown.

The episode airs at the end of October so as soon as the cat is out of the bag we will post our behind the scenes pictures.

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  1. Hi, I just saw this episode last night and I'd like information about the dress she picked at yours. Loved it!