The most musical & magical story

We always love to hear happy news from our brides and this one really made us smile.

Our beautiful, musical bride came for an appointment with us and before long she found herself standing  in front of our grand antique  mirror in the dress of her dreams.
There was no doubt in her mind that this was the one and would return to pay her deposit when she could afford to.
We were so excited when a day later she burst through our shop door with the biggest smile exclaiming that her pianist fiance had surprised her with the news that he had been saving all this time to buy her wedding dress for her! What a lovely surprise for our bride and what a thoughtful fiance!

She tells us that on the evening of her wedding she and her then husband will be entertaining their guests with her singing accompanied by him playing the piano and she was thrilled that she can now afford the most fabulous accessories to wear with her gown for this first fabulous performance as husband and wife!

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